Stained Crown Molding Shelf

Our Crown Molding shelves are made from top-grade premium White Maple lumber.  Each shelf is meticulously handcrafted, stained and shipped direct to you from our warehouse.  We offer nine stain options for your Maple shelving. Go no further for completely customizable floating shelves for your special project.

    1. Sizes can be customized to an 1/8 of an inch
    2. 9 stain colors
    3. For peace of mind, order Stain Color Samples for $5.00 with free shipping and are made from the oak we use in your shelf. Shipped same day you order them. Click here for samples.
    1. Carefully-selected, top-grade white maple lumber
    2. Ultra-penetrating stain with a gorgeous transparent quality and excellent lightfastness
    3. 3 coats of top-quality protective finish
    4. Depending on your size, the shelves are made with a French Cleat or rod bracket, some of the strongest attachment methods on the market
    1. The Shelves are 3-3/4" High
    2. With the included anchors, our shelves can be placed anywhere on the wall. 
    3. They can be mounted with or without a stud
    4. The anchors we use have a 236 lb. strength rating in 1/2-inch drywall without a stud
    5. You can install our shelves on tile, plaster, brick, or drywall
    6. All hardware and installation instructions included in your package

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I just purchased and received a lovely shelf from Hope Springs. It was exactly what I requested. It exceeded my hopes. Both my husband and I are very pleased and will order again when the need arises.


Narrow shelf never arrived. We are both seniors and disabled, so we wanted only t pay for one trip for contractor. Being that these shelves are made to order, the time to get the narrow one for the sound bar kind of sucks.

Hi Bud, We have tried to contact you numerous times about your issue and review. with no response. The claim you make in your review that your second shelf never arrived surprised us. Your two shelves were shipped in the same box and tracking shows both orders arrived on the same day and at the same time. We record both box size and weight on each order we ship. Our records clearly shows that both shelves were packed together. Your order was shipped 6 days ahead of schedule and arrived 3 days later. We do our best to provide excellent customer service along with superior products.


The shelf was very nice.


So much better than I expected. Very high quality.


Just received and installed my maple 24" shelf stained cherry. Looks beautiful… great craftsmanship. Just ordered two more shelves for the dining room!